Jaclyn Comis

Beginner to Intermediate Piano, Flute, and Beginner Band Instruments 

Contact Info

Email: resonantgale@gmail.com
Website: https://resonantgale.mymusicstaff.com

Half hour lesson $25
Month of weekly lessons $90
Hour lesson $40 

 About me

I have been teaching lessons since 2012 and joined Milford Music Studios in 2021. I am an alumnus of this studio who went on to study music education at Oakland University. I have experience with private lessons, Michigan Music Festival, school music programs, concert performance, Solo and Ensemble, marching band, and worship teams. I studied piano primarily under the instruction of Kathy Smith and Bonnie Twiss. I studied flute with Jeffery Zook, Amanda Blaikie, and Sharon Sparrow of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I am currently on the worship team at Grace Church.

I was homeschooled until high school and retain strong ties with the local homeschool community. One of my career goals is to create more musical opportunities for homeschooling students. My transition into the school system revealed the importance and impact of a strong music ensemble program. The experience of making music is incomplete without someone to share it with. Music has played an invaluable role in the academic, social, and spiritual aspects of my life. I aspire to make space for personal growth alongside musical growth.

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that music is a vital part of life. Every known culture has traditions of music dating back to its origin. Everyone, including you, deserves the chance to experience music and to participate in music-making.
Music should be a source of joy, a means of expression, and common ground to connect with others. For this reason, the lesson curriculum will be tailored to suit each student’s unique needs and preferences. If for any reason it begins to feel boring or meaningless, I will do everything within my power to restore your love of music.
Students of all backgrounds and most ages are welcome. You are never too old to learn an instrument. Rather than a minimum age, I ask that young students are able to read fluently because learning to read music is comparable to learning a second language. If you or a prospective student has a disability, please do not let this become an obstacle. Contact me to discuss any accommodations you may need.