Lessons  and Teachers

We have an excellent roster of instructors, and someone will be a perfect fit. 

Please contact them directly.

Browse this section to select an instructor best for you based upon availability and  goal setting.

Piano and Voice

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Uke

Strings and Woodwinds

Drums and Percussion


How do I sign up?

  • You choose the instrument that you are interested in and click that button. That will take you to a page showing all the instructors available. From there, click their picture and then you can see more about them. Then, contact them yourself to talk to them and set up a time.

What do I do if I don't have an instrument?

  • You can rent a guitar, violin, cello, or flute from us. You already have a voice. Ukuleles, recorders, and penny whistles are inexpensive. We sell them. If you need a piano, a teacher can provide advice on getting an electric keyboard or finding a  piano .

Am I too old? 

  • No

Is my child too young?

  • It depends upon the teacher and the instrument. 

Can I gain performing experience?

  • Yes. We have recitals, festivals, and various community opportunities.

What if I have no talent?

  • Very seldom the case. If it is true, you will find out. Almost 99% of the time, it is desire and commitment that will overcome any perceived lack of talent. A good teacher will find that in you.

Why lessons? We have YouTube at home?

  • That is actually a very good question. Our response is this  - Learning about music is more than just getting information. A regular schedule with an instructor you respect provides accountability, insight, guidance, and inspiration. You have a relationship with someone who is aware of your progress and needs. They can inspire you when you feel a lack of progress, and push you when you are falling short of your potential. We have confidence that each instructor provides a positive role model for your child. 

I don't think I want to be a pro. Why lessons?

  • Studies have proven the benefits of music, both physiologically and aesthetically. They help children with many skills needed in school because of the unique way music interacts with the brain. Even if you don't become "pro" or pursue a career in music, the benefit of having learned an instrument instills discipline and pleasure. These skills will surface at a later time in life. There is a direct result between earning something by the sweat of your brow