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Monday - Thursday
12 PM - 9 PM

12 PM - 7 PM

9 AM - 2 PM
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THE $10.00 
Bring in your acoustic* 
guitar and this coupon for a crisp, new set of strings installed.

*12-string and classicals not included

the loog
  • The Loog, the three stringed cousin of the guitar, is easy for small ones to play. 
  • All technique on the Loog will apply to the guitar. 
  • Less confusing and more rewarding. 
  • Advance to the six string guitar when ready. 
  • No more youngster frustration.
Milford Music Loog Special
Loog Introductory Package
Loog Guitar Assembly
Loog Guitar: Own your own electric Loog Guitar and start rocking! 

Assembly Class: Build your own Loog Guitar! Assembly takes about 15 minutes. Building your own guitar will develop an ownership and accomplishment for your child and stimulate her/him to play more. Also building this together is a great bonding experience for child and parent.

Two Lesson Classes With Book: Learn to play your favorite songs with one of our highly qualified instructors using the simple and easy chord book. You will be playing your favorite song within  2 lessons!

Carrying Case: A canvas backpack carrying case designed specifically for your Loog Guitar. 

Pointless Picks®: Award winning Pointless Picks are the first and only completely round guitar pick which makes learning much easier. Winning the "Small Goods Award" at NAMM (National Music Association of Merchant Musicians) for being a great learning tool, you never have to worry about your pick rotating or being on point with your Pointless Picks!
Loog Classes
Classes for the Loog Guitar are being formed now.

Classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays 
at 5 PM and 7PM. Each last a half hour.