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Marianne Murphy

  An aerial video filmed while flying a camera drone over the salt marsh beside Conrods Beach at the end of Conrod Beach Rd, Head of Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia. I used some of this footage in my earlier video I was there with my friend Warren, who was visiting from Edmonton in late September. He asked a relative of his wife, singer/songwriter Marianne Murphy, to compose a song to accompany his video of the saltmarsh. She has kindly allowed me to use this beautiful song also. The song in this video: "Nova Scotia" by Marianne Murphy Marianne M. Murphy - Vocals, guitar Tim Twiss - Lead Guitar Gary Weisenburg - Bass  

Milford Music....31 years in the Huron Valley


Owner Tim Twiss in 1988 at the old Mill Valley Building "Down by the Waterfall" in Milford.


This year, outside at our current location in Highland

Wurlitzer Piano 

For Sale

This is in our studio right now, and is perfect for your home. Recently tuned.