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James Cann        

Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar, Bass

     Jim Cann has been teaching guitar and woodwinds for over 30 years.  He is a seasoned musician that has been playing professionally for many years.  His styles include rock, pop, jazz, and classical (on woodwinds). 

     Jim learned the clarinet and saxophone in public schools.  He has played guitar since the age of 13.  He has studied his craft with the guidance of numerous instructors including local jazz greats, George Benson and Rob Pipho.  Jim holds a degree from the University of Michigan with adjunct studies in music theory, chorus, and jazz via the U of M Jazz Band.  He has performed in many musical groups and venues.  He currently plays lead tenor in the Woodward Avenue Jazz Orchestra.  Jim is also in several rock/pop projects including Sound Station and the Breakers. 


     “Learning music should be a challenging but fun experience.  For me, playing music is very relaxing and enjoyable.  A good teacher tries to pass that enthusiasm onto his students.  Music is a great way to develop the creativity in you or your child.  I provide a solid musical foundation while encouraging your specific musical interests.  

     I have a unique perspective as both an experienced guitar and woodwind player.  Many guitar players do not read music and play using tabs and ear training.  Woodwind players rely mainly on the language of standard music notation.  Both techniques are valid and there are great musicians from both backgrounds.  I draw from that real world experience and tailor a combination of methods to suit the individual student.

     I enjoy people and teach to all ages and levels.  Each student has their own interests and needs.  I strive to listen and provide the right guidance to help them achieve their goals.  Whether music becomes a lifelong passion or is a passing experience, I hope to instill some enjoyment and love of this art.”