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Jesse Medawar

Guitar, Vocals


Jesse was raised in a family of musicians, introducing him to the value of musicianship at a young age. His music career started with guitar lessons from his father, but musicality was imbedded in his life-style from all angles as most members of his family play an instrument and sing. At the age of 10, Jesse started learning classic rock tunes and began to build the foundation of what is now a successful music career. Jesse went on to take private vocal lessons and later studied with Jazz Vocal teacher, Kate Patterson. 

At the age of 16, Jesse began taking Jazz Guitar lessons with Tim Twiss. After a couple years of sharpening his skills on the guitar, he joined the rock group, The Social Bandits. Throughout the past several years of playing and writing music with fellow teachers Dylan Walsh and Jared Bentley, Jesse studied genres such as soul, funk, R&B, blues, reggae, and a myriad of rock styles. 

Playing with other Detroit musicians and studying at Berklee School of Music has given Jesse the musical, business, and social experience necessary to be a successful musician in the music industry today. He currently plays both cover and original music in the band Goodweather. 

Jesse's Testimonials

 “As an older student I really appreciate Jesse’s method of relieving the pressure associated with learning a new skill. His patience, good spirit, and kind-of-astonishing talent has kept me inspired and enthused about continuing to learn the guitar from him for now 2 ½ years.”  

- Scott Hall

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Single Lesson- $30/per half hour.

Two (or more) Lessons per Month- $25/per half hour.

Family Lessons (Two or more Students per month)- $22/per half hour.

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