Lessons.......it's what we do

What We Are All About

Who We Are

Milford Music Studios is first and foremost a group of teachers who are passionate about teaching music to students of all ages. Milford Music has been a staple name in Music Lessons in Oakland County for 35+ years. We are leading the way in private lessons and launching students, young and old, into all aspects of their musical life.

What We Do

We specialize in providing private and group instruction in a wonderful learning environment. We give students the opportunity to learn and perform and explore their musical creativity in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Why We Teach

Milford Music has a passion to teach the next generation everything we can about music. Our goal is to instill the love of music into our students and teach them the skills needed to embrace their passion in order to bless those around them.

Where We're Headed

We are opening a new chapter in the Milford Music Legacy. As our world around us changes, we look forward to some new adventures with a whole new generation of music thirsty learners!