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Jin-young Han


  • Violin
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Music is a language that allows the heart to express itself. Whether it is the lightheartedness of joy or the deep intensity of sorrow. My hope is that I can equip aspiring violinists with the skills to learn and use this language with the final goal of playing what the heart is speaking.

I have been playing violin for twenty years, whether as a soloist, within a large symphony, or in the context of a small group. Through the many years of playing, I’ve seen the importance in developing the creative freedom that comes with the skill. Whether it is playing a complex piece on paper or listening to others playing and following along with your own melody. Music is an important part of the human experience and being able to express yourself through it brings great joy. To take what is in the heart and turn it into song can be freedom.

Additionally, I have been teaching young violinists for almost five years. Being able to create and express what is inside is special, but there is an even deeper sense of satisfaction seeing another become creatively free. My desire through teaching the foundations of violin is to see my students use their instrument as an extension of themselves. Watching students grow into who they are musically brings me great joy and to be a part of that journey is an honor. My hope is that all of my students will develop excellence, skills, and a passionate love for the violin so that they too can one day speak their heart through their violin.