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Adam Gasiewski

Guitar & Ukulele

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My musical journey began in my childhood, inspired by listening to music with my dad and brothers, which ignited a profound love for music. At the age of 13, I embarked on a self-taught path to master the guitar, further fueling my passion for rock and blues.

Over the years, I have not only honed my own skills but also shared my knowledge with friends and classmates, fostering a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

My teaching philosophy is centered on making music fun, as I believe that a positive and enjoyable learning experience greatly enhances both skill acquisition and musical appreciation.

Currently, I am dedicating my efforts to an exciting creative project—recording an EP with friends at the University of Michigan recording studio. This endeavor represents my ongoing growth as a musician and my commitment to contributing meaningfully to the music community.

As a musician and mentor, my goal is to instill a love of music in others, drawing on my self-taught experiences to guide and inspire students on their own musical journeys.