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Mark Mitchell

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano

  • Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano
  • $25 per 30 minute lesson
  • 734-386-0484
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  • www.markmitchellmusiclessons.com     

Mark has been teaching guitar, piano, drums, and banjo for more than 35 years. He can also help you get started on uke, bass and a few other instruments. He is familiar with classical, jazz, pop, rock, bluegrass and world music, and continues to study them. He has played in ensembles from each of these categories and solo in some. He has also been learning south Indian classical music for about 6 years. He has written articles, interviews, transcriptions, and lessons for various music publications. He has coached and helped performers in various genres. Almost every style mentioned can by itself, be lived and studied for a lifetime, so please call Mark to find out more about what he knows and is able to teach

"I hope to teach (especially technique) in a way that will not limit the player later in life. I can generally play or at least write down anything I hear. This is often a help to my students, especially those interested in non-traditional or improvised music which is not notated anywhere. If they have some grit, I can teach them to do the same. Also I like to arrange music the student brings at a level which is playable, but is still a challenge to them. I usually do this in combination with standard method books and well known repertoire. With children, this phrase from the physician Hippocrates is my motto: 'First do no harm.' That is, even if a kid tries lessons and stops, I hope that they will feel at least a little wonder and good cheer from coming. Someone once said about learning that it is better to light a fire than fill a box.

Although reading music is important, music (like language) can be conveyed without writing. I once taught a man who couldn't see and it worked out well. I teach using standard notation, tablature and other notation. I can also teach strictly by memorization and demonstration as in the East Indian and many other traditions. I try hard to connect, and like to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. I try to meet them where they are. I think my youngest student was probably 4 and I now teach someone who is 90."